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Readers Question - Published on 05/12/2012
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HMO Heroes and Villains - Francis DolleyThey say everyone has a book inside them waiting to be set free. After being asked to review a friend’s book and unexpectedly seeing my words in print, I found I recently got the bug to write a book of my own!

I knew it would have to be a property related book and I have a great passion for HMO’s.

First question – what angle has not already been extensively covered from every known perspective?

There are many ‘Nuts and Bolts’ books out there giving you the low down on how to run a successful Multi Let (or how not to) and a few of these books contained the real life experiences of the owners. Personally I found these to be the most interesting part of the books – everyone likes a good story, right?

As everybody says ‘property is a people business’ and depending on who you decide to let into your HMO, you can certainly have more than your fair share of drama in your life!

So I am writing an interview style book with 12 or so experienced and some not so experienced HMO landlords. First a snapshot of whom they are and their portfolio and then the highs and lows of their property roller-coaster ride (no one I have spoken too seems to have had a totally smooth ride). I already have some great contributors and their often painful/hilarious anecdotes but need a few more.

So I have a question for 118 readers – Who would you nominate and why? It could be someone with just one HMO who is offering a unique service, it could be you or an old hand who has seen it all?

Someone suggested a guy called Peter Rachman but I have having trouble getting him to return my calls!! Does anyone have James Caan’s mobile number???

Thanks in advance for your help.


Francis Dolley




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