Fractional Ownership Of Supercars, Luxury Motor Yachts and Holiday Apartments

by Mark Alexander

12:01 PM, 20th March 2017
About 2 years ago

Fractional Ownership Of Supercars, Luxury Motor Yachts and Holiday Apartments

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Fractional Ownership Of Supercars, Luxury Motor Yachts and Holiday Apartments

Most people dream about owning a luxury motor yacht, one or more supercars or a swanky holiday apartment at some point in their lives. However,  very few ever actually manage to turn their dreams into reality.

Perhaps this is because of the capital cost or the fact that when they crunch the numbers it just doesn’t make financial sense based on usage? It could, of course, be due to the ongoing running costs and hassle associated with ownership of such assets. It doesn’t have to be that way though.

The smart thing to do is to pool the costs of ownership and ongoing management. Easier said than done you might think!

Well that’s exactly what my clients at Azure in Malta have been doing as a business for over a decade. They acquire the assets, fully manage them and sell a fraction of ownership based on intended usage. Their management team also rent out or charter these luxury assets when they are not used, take a management fee for their efforts and then pool the rest between their fractional owners. For example, you could own a fraction of one of their  Sunseeker Motor Yacht fleet pictured below for as little as £30,000. This gives you 10 years ownership, on year 10 the boats are then sold, proceeds are split between members and the boats are then replaced,  You could also own a fraction in an exclusive beachside part of a five star branded hotel suite or be a member of their trendy Supercar club based at one of the UK’s most historic race tracks for even less!

As a taster, and to give you a glimpse into the lifestyles of the lucky few, our clients are offering a one week stay for couples in a luxury suite at their five star resort at Golden Sands in Malta for just £199 (excluding flights). Whilst you are there you can also take a trip to the historic Birgu Grand Harbour Marina, view the “Azure Ultra” motor yachts and meet the crew, and if that’s not enough you can take a look at “Autoxotica” the supercar club with supercharged pulling power..!!

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