Consultation Testimonials

by Mark Alexander

15:49 PM, 18th December 2013
About 5 years ago

Consultation Testimonials

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Consultation Testimonials

I now reside as a tax exile in the wonderful Mediterranean Island of Malta and dedicate a few hours each day to providing mainly telephone and online consultancy. At least once a week Property118 readers arrange face to face consultations with me whilst visiting Malta for a holiday. It keeps my mind sharp, enables me to meet some incredibly dynamic people and provides me with a sense of achievement when I help them to solve their problems and/or guide them towards their goals. I also learn something new every day because nobody has a Monopoly on best practice and good ideas.

If you are a regular reader of then you will understand the value of my experience. If not, please feel free to have a wander around this website, peruse my Linkedin profile, read the testimonials posted in the comments section below and then come back to this page when the time is right for you. 

You might not actually require one to one consultancy. Why not visit our Landlord Tax Planning section? If you can’t find the answer there and you don’t mind asking your question on a public forum you could create a discussion thread That service runs exclusively on donations.

Show Form To Book A Tax Planning Consultation

Form To Book A Tax Planning Consultation

Consultations include new client compliance checks, fact find via email with complimentary software, expert analysis, a detailed written report and recommendations and a 30 minute Q&A session via Skype or telephone. We GUARANTEE total satisfaction or a full refund.
  • Please provide an overview of your circumstances and what you are looking to achieve.

Please see testimonials posted in the comments section below.


Carol Thomas

20:52 PM, 18th December 2013
About 5 years ago

So pleased that you are offering this service. Mark. I am sure there are a lot of new and probably even some experienced landlords out there who would benefit from time spent one-on-one with you. You have given me some excellent advice in the past and your many replies to questions have helped me enormously. May I take this opportunity to wish you every sucess in your latest venture.

James Noble

20:53 PM, 18th December 2013
About 5 years ago

Hello Mark, Best of luck with this new project. I can't think of anyone more qualified by experience to run these courses. I've always found your comments to be very sound and based on good practice. The content will be worth every penny, (and will be very entertaining as well!) I hope it takes off. James.

Kevin Reid

21:51 PM, 18th December 2013
About 5 years ago

Hello Mark
Best wishes with your new venture. I have read and used the advice that you have posted over the last two years. You have an excellent broad knowledge gained over the years that would have been very useful and a cost effective solution if it had been available when I began property investing by minimising the mistakes that I made in the initial period. If I needed a sounding board about changing direction in property letting I would not hesitate in booking an appointment with yourself to ensure that my new venture was feasible

Mike W

22:05 PM, 18th December 2013
About 5 years ago

Mark all the best with this venture. Having previously benefited from your advice, I'm sure it will go well.

Ben George

22:10 PM, 18th December 2013
About 5 years ago

Mark your advice for me as always has been invaluable and I can't wait to drive up to Norfolk and have lunch with someone I completely hope to emulate someday.

Paul Goulder

23:13 PM, 18th December 2013
About 5 years ago

I have known Mark Alexander for over 20yrs and he is a professional landlord and entrepreneur who knows a great deal about the trade secrets of renting property.
People could gain from his experience in all fields of renting.
I am an avid reader of 118
Best wishes
Paul Goulder

Barbara Thorning

23:17 PM, 18th December 2013
About 5 years ago

Just a quick note to wish you success with this idea. There can't be many other people with so much knowledge of the property industry, along with such enthusiasm for it too. In addition to your own knowledge, you seem to have access to a wide range of experts in the legal and technical fields so I've no doubt this venture will be an effective 'one stop shop' and a valuable resource.

Next step a road show...?


0:52 AM, 19th December 2013
About 5 years ago

Hi Mark,

I have found your comments and help so useful over the years, but I can imagine that a one to one would be even better (especially if lunch is included!). I am sure you would tailor it to suit the individua and anyone would benefit from your advice and experience.

Good luck!

Hope you still have time for all this though:)


2:43 AM, 19th December 2013
About 5 years ago

seems such an excellent idea Mark, well worth every penny , especially for those new to the property renting scene, and for those who need a more extensive consultation on a one 2 one basis, which has far more benefits than asking an odd questions here and there on forums, with so many divided opinions or answers, whereas you have a wide range of first hand experience on property management and property legislation, your help in the past has helped me a lot when I faced challenging times with difficult tenants, I am sure anyone wanting to share more of your experience on a one 2 one bases for your expertise at a very reasonable charge will benefit immensely.

So Good luck Mark and best wishes in your new scheme of things and if need be I know where to go, well done Mark! I hope New Year will be a good one for you and your new venture.

Bruce Allsobrook

6:41 AM, 19th December 2013
About 5 years ago

I have found useful advice here - Good luck in your new venture Mark

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