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Landlords and Class 2 National Insurance


The outcome of our due diligence on this matter is that Landlords are NOT obliged to pay Class 2 National Insurance, regardless of whether they are running a business, unless they are also a trade. Furthermore, payment of Class 2 National Insurance also has no bearing whatsoever on claims for incorporation relief under Section 162 TCGA. The above… Read more

Landlord Incorporation Explained On Video Interview With Ranjan Bhattacharya


This 10 minute video interview about landlord incorporation was recorded in April 2017, just before the doors were opened to what is believed to have been the UK’s largest landlord tax conference ever.  When you watch this video you will learn about the legislation which can mitigate capital gains tax when a landlord business is… Read more

Property118 Action Group Respond To BoI & Skipton Defensive Statements


Bank of Ireland and Skipton Building Society are both relying on “exceptional circumstances” to justify ripping of mortgage borrwers for more interest than they are due to pay. In recent statements to Mortgage Strategy magazine the lenders reacted to the Property118 Action Group Court of Appeal WIN against The West Brom:- A Skipton spokesman said:… Read more

Brighton Landlord Expo – Meet fellow Property118 Readers


FREE ENTRANCE  On 29th June the Brighton Landlord Expo hosted by Association Residential Letting Agents (ARLA) will deliver a programme full of legislative updates, key topics concerning Landlords and Agents. This is an excellent opportunity to meet fellow Property118 members. Lesley Lindsay, a Founder Member of Property118 Action Group, has very kindly agreed to represent… Read more

Landlord Tax Planning Software

Landlord Tax Planning Software


Tax Planning is the core business activity of Property118 Limited. Our landlord tax analysis software is used by 100’s of accountants throughout the UK to compare their clients current business structure to what it would be in a Limited Company. We made it incredibly easy to use, although it can appear quite daunting at first… Read more

Is Landlord Licensing Compliant In Your Area?


You may well have seen the latest articles posted by Larry Sweeney which highlight the flaws in the Liverpool Landlord Licensing scheme. If not you can READ THEM HERE. If there is a sufficient level of interest Larry is prepared to meet groups of landlords throughout the UK to expose the flaws in Landlord Licensing schemes introduced… Read more

Property118 Landlords Association


The “value”of will mean different things to different people. For example, our readers may interpret the word value to represent the educational value of our content and forums. On the other hand, our investors might be more concerned with the financial worth of the business and returns on investment. Our role is to find a balance… Read more

Property118 Landlords Association – should we?


Having raised over £500,000 to take West Bromwich Mortgage Company to the Court of Appeal it has been suggested by numerous Property118 members that we should become a Landlords Association. Sentiment appears to be that a group with courage to take legal action against rogue mortgage lenders and poor decisions made by Government is seriously needed… Read more

Private Housing Tenancies Scotland Bill 2015 – briefing document


The Scottish Association of Landlords (SAL) have prepared a briefing document on the provisions of the new legislation and the campaigns which took place around the bill which passed last week. This can be downloaded using the request form below. The Private Housing (Tenancies) (Scotland) Bill has now completed the three stages of the parliamentary… Read more

Mark Carney discusses the possibility of an interest rate cut to the Treasury Select Committee


Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England, was today speaking at a Treasury Select Committee hearing. He indicated that interest rates were more than likely not to rise in the medium term and that if the economy needed further stimulation the Bank could consider a further drop in rates towards zero, but ruled out… Read more


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