Barristers Opinion At A Fraction of The Cost

by Mark Alexander

15:22 PM, 22nd May 2014
About 5 years ago

Barristers Opinion At A Fraction of The Cost

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Barristers Opinion At A Fraction of The Cost

It is now possible to get a barristers opinion whenever you need it for £300 a year. If you want a written opinion, including a carefully considered funding strategy that’s an extra £500. BARGAIN!

Having been involved many times in litigation in my former business (which ranked #38 in The Sunday Times Profit Track 100 in 2008) and more recently as a landlord fighting the tracker margin rate hikes imposed by West Bromwich Mortgage Company and Bank of Ireland, I know first-hand how much litigation costs. Barristers Opinion For A Fraction Of The CostRarely has it cost me less than £10,000 in legal fees to obtain a “Barrister’s Opinion”. It usually starts off with a chat with a solicitor. They ask for lots of information and that’s when the meter starts running.

My previous experiences with litigation have been very similar to that feeling you get when you jump into a taxi and the driver purposely takes you into the rush hour traffic when you strongly suspect there is a much faster route he’s aware of!

Recently I was invited by Cotswold Barristers to assist them with the development of a unique new product called “Litigation Warranty”. Members of the Action Group against West Bromwich Mortgage Company will already be familiar with Cotswold Barristers as they are fighting our case for us. For those readers who don’t know them, they are a pioneering set of Direct Access Barristers and are authorised and insured to conduct litigation work without the involvement of a solicitor. The advantage of this is that costs are reduced considerably as well as being fixed up front.

One of the things I like best about dealing with Cotswold Barristers though is that they are so responsive and modern thinking. They use the latest forms of communication and if a face to face meeting is required they will meet you at your convenience, either in person or via their state-of-the art video conferencing suite within their Chambers. No more traipsing into a solicitors office with an open cheque book!

Several Property118 members have posted Testimonials on the Cotswold Barristers website LINK.

The Litigation Warranty is the logical evolution of the fixed fee services provided by Cotswold Barristers. The Warranty costs just £300 a year for any business, regardless of size, and entitles the business to free telephone or video conferences to obtain one to one advice directly from Counsel whenever a litigation based matter arises. Furthermore, if Counsel and his client (claimant or defendant) agree that a claim or defence is worthy of pursuit, the cost of obtaining a written opinion from Counsel (including strategy and funding options) can be obtained by paying a claim excess of just £500. That is without any shadow of a doubt the most cost effective legal service I’ve ever come across for litigation!

It is also possible for anybody over the age of 18 to promote the Litigation Warranty product and to earn commission at the rate of 30% of the initial warranty premium and 20% of renewal premiums. Barristers can’t pay commission but Warranty providers can, hence the two brands being separated 🙂 For Property118 members this goes one stage further, in that an additional 10% “network commission” becomes payable if the “Affiliate” enters our Network code at the point of application. In other words; the commission is 40% (£120) in year one for successful introductions via Property118 members. There is no cost to set up an Affiliate Account.

Our network code is: P118 (remember to use this if you sign up to become an Affiliate)

I can see some very good reasons for all businesses, including landlords, to purchase a Litigation Warranty. None of us know when we might need quality legal advice. I suspect that many Property118 members have other business interests too and may also belong to business networks or have websites of their own. By increasing awareness of the product it is very simple to earn money. No selling is involved, just send people a link or post it on social networks, a blog or your website – just like I’ve done here.

Anybody who buys a Litigation Warranty within 90 days of clicking the banner below will be helping Property118. I have personally invested into Litigation Warranty and have also set up an Affiliate Account so that Property118 will receive £120 commission for every sale we introduce 🙂

Please click on the banner below to learn more and please tell other business people about this unique and innovative new product.

Litigation Warranty


Neil Patterson

15:49 PM, 22nd May 2014
About 5 years ago

Having been immersed into the legal world for the first time over the last 18 months with the Bank of Ireland and West Brom cases, I can not over state the value and peace of mind this represents if there is a possibility you may need legal assistance.

The time, costs and complexity of even considering taking a case to Court might have been too daunting to even start for most people without this easy access to a Barrister.

It is much better to have advice in your back pocket than wait until you are desperate.

Mark Alexander

16:46 PM, 22nd May 2014
About 5 years ago

Reply to the comment left by "Neil Patterson" at "22/05/2014 - 15:49":

Absolutely Neil, I am now far more content in the knowledge that if I am ever faced with a legal issue, I can make a claim on my Litigation Warranty and be in direct contact with a barrister, without spending any more money, in a matter of days.

When it comes to litigation all people ever really want to know are three things prior to making a commercial decision:-

1) What are my options?
2) What are my risks in terms of cost?
3) What are my chances of winning?

This can now be achieved within having to move from my desk!

Kevin Thomson

20:20 PM, 22nd May 2014
About 5 years ago

what about cases under Scots law?


20:30 PM, 22nd May 2014
About 5 years ago

How does this differ from legal cover insurance that is available to landlords to take out together with (in my case anyway) rent guarantee insurance?

The cover I have currently costs me £50 per property and gives me 24 hour access to legal advice and includes things like the solicitors’ or barristers’ fees and charges for disbursements, not to mention the opponents’ costs should I lose and be liable to pay them?

Mark Alexander

20:35 PM, 22nd May 2014
About 5 years ago

Reply to the comment left by "Kevin Thomson" at "22/05/2014 - 20:20":

Not at the moment

Mark Alexander

21:21 PM, 22nd May 2014
About 5 years ago

Reply to the comment left by "DC " at "22/05/2014 - 20:30":

I've seen those policies but I've never found anybody who's had a meaningful claim. We spent over £40k on legal fees to get to Barristers opinion on the West Brom case and many of us felt that some major issues had still been overlooked. You'd have though at least 1 in 6,700 landlords affected by the West Brom rate hike or 1 out of the 12,200 affected by the BoI rate hike would have had the type of policy you are referring wouldn't you? If so, where's their legal case?

Mark Alexander

22:12 PM, 22nd May 2014
About 5 years ago

Reply to the comment left by "Mark Alexander" at "22/05/2014 - 21:21":

PS that was before I came across Cotswold Barristers. The difference between the traditional model we pursued initially to what has occurred since we switched has been remarkable.

Linda Price

23:07 PM, 22nd May 2014
About 5 years ago

I found it so refreshing to be able to speak directly to a barrister, rather than have my story related through a solicitor who hadn't quite got all the facts right! which is our usual experience when it comes to needing to go to litigation. Great service - thanks.

Mandy Thomson

8:40 AM, 23rd May 2014
About 5 years ago

Great article, and a very innovative concept and idea.
Aside from problem tenants, a major legal issue for landlords is cowboy builders (and maintenance agents) and resulting property maintenance issues. This is the white elephant in the room that we're not talking about as landlords - a large amount of PRS property is reported as failing to meet required standards - given that most PRS landlords are very small landlords with only one property, they are even more prone to cowboys than owner occupiers.
I've made enquiries into the affiliate scheme with a view to promoting it on my website.

Mark Alexander

8:50 AM, 23rd May 2014
About 5 years ago

Reply to the comment left by "Mandy Thomson" at "23/05/2014 - 08:40":

Hi Mandy

I agree. The eviction stuff is probably best left with businesses like Landlord Action and Landlord Law leaving this to deal with the more heavyweight litigation such as letting agents or property sourcers going bust and leaving people out of pocket for thousands, or indeed mortgage lenders behaving badly, e.g. hiking margins on tracker mortgages or appointing LPA receivers without just cause.

Looking back at the Readers Questions on this website there have also been several other examples of where quality advice could help, e.g. freeholders and/or their management companies behaving badly, contractual disputes with agents, enforcing judgements, professional negligence etc. etc. etc.

You only have to look at the headlines in our Readers Questions articles to appreciate the value of this service to landlords - see >>>

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