Bad Landlords

Mark Alexander - Published on 06/06/2013
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Bad LandlordsWhy on earth would anybody want to search Google for “Bad Landlords”?

My stepson (Ilya) bought something to my attention this evening which blew my mind. Ilya is a student at Greenwich University and is studying games development. He’s a self confessed Geek, far worse than me LOL.

Mark, he said, you know you run The GOOD Landlords Campaign?

(me) Yeah

(Ilya) Well I’ve done some research and only 260 people search Google every month to find “Good Landlords”

(me) yeah?

(Ilya) Well for a laugh I checked how many people search for “bad landlords” every month and there’s 720 ┬ásearching Google for them in the UK alone!

(me) I wonder how many search for Rogue Landlord then?

(Ilya) That’s what I found a bit strange. There’s a charity in London called Shelter and they run campaigns asking tenants to report “Rogue Landlords” so I thought there would be 1,000’s but Google only report 390 monthly searches.

Now make of that what you will. I checked his source and his figures are accurate.

There is even a bad landlords list on the Tenants From Hell website where you can, of course, watch a selection of the anti landlord propaganda video’s from Shelter!

Surely you think tenants would be more interested in finding good landlords than bad landlords or rogue landlords wouldn’t you?

Am I missing something here?

The mind boggles!




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