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Conservative Manifesto 2017 for the PRS


The Conservative Manifesto 2017 says they will act in specific markets including the PRS and housing market, but they are very light on detail and content. They confirmed that they will continue with the ban on letting agent fee and said the following under the heading ‘Cutting the Cost of Living’. We will also improve… Read more

Lib Dem 2017 Manifesto for the PRS


The Lib Dem 2017 Manifesto ‘Change Britain Future’ decribes the rental market as becoming unaffordable along with house prices and says that young people in particular need help. The Lib Dem Manifesto says they will change the Private Rental sector by: Promote longer tenancies of three years or more with an inflation-linked annual rent increase… Read more

Labour Party Manifesto for ‘Private Renters’ 2017 released

Labour Party Manifesto for ‘Private Renters’ 2017 released


The Labour Party Manifesto 2017 promises to end insecurity for private renters. The Party pledges to control rent increases (Rent Controls) and introduce new consumer rights for tenants with more secure tenancies and more Landlord Licencing. This section of the document states: “Labour will make new three year tenancies the norm, with an inflation cap… Read more

Every HMO in Greenwich to be licensed

Every HMO in Greenwich to be licensed


Greenwich Council held a public consultation and ‘apparently’ 80% of residents were in favour of licensing all HMOs in the Area. Previously only the standard definition of HMOs were required to be licensed by the council. This was for properties over three or more floors five or more tenants. Now it will apply to all… Read more

Tory plans for Rent Controls in seaside towns?


The Housing and Finance Institute was set up by David Cameron’s coalition government in 2015 before the last general election. It want to repair the housing markets in run down seaside towns with a ‘Fair Value Rents regime’. The report wants to halt the continued decline of many neglected coastal towns by solving the “toxic… Read more

Sadiq Khan announces new database of criminal landlords and agents amid opposing industry views


The London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, has announced a new database to name and shame successfully prosecuted criminal landlords and letting agents in London. The database will be published on the Mayor’s website and built in partnership with borough councils across London providing a blacklist of landlords and agents prosecuted for housing offences. The Plan is to… Read more

The Victoria Derbyshire Programme is looking at the ongoing issue of tenants and landlords


The Victoria Derbyshire Programme on BBC Two and BBC News is looking at the ongoing issue of tenants and landlords. They are particularly keen to hear from readers if you are a landlord in the UK who has had a problematic tenant. Of most interest is a landlord who is currently in a serious dispute… Read more

Quarterly Digital Tax returns dropped from Finance Bill

The requirement to complete quarterly digital tax returns to HMRC that included Landlords has been one of the 72 clauses to be dropped from the Finance Bill out 135 clauses in total. The Government has slashed the size of the Bill in an effort to rush the legislation through before the end of this Parliament…. Read more

General Election 8th June – Who on earth do landlords vote for?


  We are asking all landlords to complete this Poll. We are also extremely interested in your views so please post comments. For example, you may well despise what the Conservative Government has done and you may well mistrust them but will any other party be better? If landlords vote for minor parties might this… Read more

Tenant forgets to collect £5,250 deposit

Tenant forgets to collect £5,250 deposit


Staff at Glasgow-based tenancy deposit scheme SafeDeposits Scotland have tracked down their biggest ever ‘missing’ tenant, who took more than a year to claim back a deposit of £5,250. The tenant moved out of their central Edinburgh property in Spring 2016 and left the money unclaimed for over a year. Deposit and rent on the… Read more

Agent fees ban consultation confirmed with ARLA calling the policy shambolic


Agents will be able to respond until the 2nd of June to the government consultation on banning letting agent fees to tenants. This is in an effort to make the upfront costs of starting a new rental for tenants more affordable. The Government said it is looking to halt unfair charges being imposed and stop… Read more

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