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Tax and Accountancy

Tax Levy on Landlords

New landlord tax rules for new debt only


Those of us who are lobbying for an amendment to the budget need to have a very clear message. I propose that message is “new tax rules for new debt only” Let us be absolutely clear; Government and the Bank of England have recognised a need to reduce growth in the buy-to-let market. It is… Read more

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How the budget will affect private landlords – EXAMPLE


Dave & Margaret are married and together run a sizeable buy-to-let property business. Properties have been acquired over a period on nearly three decades and have always been purchased in their own names as opposed to a company based on advice from their accountants. 2016/17 Tax year 2020/21 Tax year Rental income £600,000 £600,000 Expenses £200,000 £200,000 Mortgage… Read more

Simon Lever

Moving a BTL portfolio into a Ltd company structure with no CGT


If you could transfer your properties to a limited company without paying any capital gains on the transfer would you be interested?  Massive thanks to Property118 member Simon Lever for sharing this information. Simon is a Chartered Accountant and Business Advisor. In Simon’s own words …. “I refer you to the case of Elizabeth Moyne Ramsey v… Read more

Tax Restructure Opportunity For Portfolio Landlords

Tax Restructure Opportunity For Portfolio Landlords


As most portfolio landlords have realised, if the Summer Budget tax reforms go ahead, they will arguably be the most devastating blow ever dealt to landlords, especially those with a high gearing strategy who own properties as individuals.  There may well be opportunities to restructure into a company without transferring assets or triggering CGT and SDLT…. Read more

Does buying BTL through a limited company make more sense for me

Does buying BTL through a limited company make more sense for me?


For my main job (nothing to do with property) I work through my own limited company, taking around £8k in wages per year and £30k in dividends. This is just enough to keep me out of the higher tax bracket. Over a few years this has left me with enough money sitting in my company’s… Read more


Stamp Duty Calculator


  Available as a FREE plugin for WordPress Users Around 25% of websites and blogs now run on WordPress which allows users to share functionality such as our Stamp Duty Calculator. If your blog or website runs on WordPress you can have exactly the same calculator on your website as the one above by downloading… Read more

Tax Implications and Penalties

Tax Implications and Penalties


What view would HMRC take if a landlord overestimated his property rental return by say, £6,000 due to error/illness/stress?  Can the landlord request mitigation (illness) against his mistake? Thanks AA Properties (Wales)

Tax Refunds For HMO & Commercial Property Owners

Tax Refunds For HMO & Commercial Property Owners


HMO landlords and commercial property owners will no doubt be very interested in a meeting I had with a chap called Bill Lorryman recently because he has this very simple business proposal ….  If you are an HMO landlord or commercial property owner and Bill can’t get you a tax refund then you don’t owe… Read more

Reducing CGT by getting married

Reducing CGT by getting married


Hi there, I have a B2L property that I bought 9 years ago for £250k and I’ve rented it out from day one. I have never lived there so I cant claim PPR or lettings relief.  I’ve now got a buyer for the property at £325k so even after I deduct £10k buying and selling… Read more

Sharing The Wealth - Minimising CGT and IHT

Sharing The Wealth – Minimising CGT and IHT


I am exploring ways to share the wealth and minimise CGT and IHT I hold a profitable portfolio of some 18 investment properties…  More than half were purchased in 1997. Most have appreciated in capital value.  The rental stream gives a net profit in excess of £75,000 pa About two years ago I purchased a… Read more

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