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Property Investment Strategies

Could you run your property portfolio from the other side of the world

Do you feel trapped by your property portfolio?


Could you run your property portfolio from the other side of the world? If you couldn’t, without making a lot of changes, ask yourself “why not?” Whether you live next door or the other side of the world isn’t really the point. The real question is whether you are working as efficiently as possible and… Read more

West Brom Tracker Mortgages

Property118 Members vs West Bromwich Mortgage Company


UPDATE – 31st March 2014 Since publishing this article our campaign has raised over £450,000 and legal action has now commenced. The official closing date for borrowers to be represented in this action was 28th March 2014. However, it may still be possible to be included in the representative action by paying additional fees to… Read more

West Midlands BTL

24% Return on Capital on a West Midlands BTL


Earlier this year I promised to review various areas of the UK to establish what returns are available and what I would be buying if I was starting out again today.  Note that I’ve been a landlord for nearly 25 years and stopped buying four years ago to retire and live off the fruits of my investments…. Read more

Castle Trust

Castle Trust Equity Loan Finance


Castle Trust Equity Loan Finance has the potential to be the biggest game changer in the UK mortgage market since Buy to Let came about in 1996. Not only does the Castle Trust equity loan finance product allow you to borrow more without having to refinance, there are also no monthly payments, EVER! Instead of… Read more

Tax Treatment of Equity Loans for Buy to Let Landlords

Tax Treatment of Equity Loans for Buy to Let Landlords


I have been posting on numerous forums about the introduction of equity loans into the UK buy to let mortgage market, a common question is the tax treatment. Equity loans do not attract interest in the normal way, there are no regular monthly payments. One UK lender, funded by USA equity house JC Flower &… Read more

Castle Trust Banner

Equity finance for buy to let landlords


In this article I will explain the fundamental difference between equity finance for buy to let landlords and traditional buy to let mortgages facilities. Both are mortgages which are secured by a legal charge over a property. Until recently, only traditional buy to let mortgage finance where interest or interest and capital are repaid monthly… Read more

I Am A Property Developer - Ask Me Anything

I Am A Property Developer – Ask Me Anything!

I run a small property development business in the Reading, Wokingham and South Oxon and Bucks areas. The company organises planning applications on small sites of up to 4 flats or houses, then secures the financing, oversees the design and specification, and commissions and project-manages sub-contractors to do the actual construction. I also undertake whole-house… Read more

BTL Further Advances No Monthly Payments

BTL Second Charge Mortgages / No Monthly Payments


No this is NOT a wind up, it’s 100% genuine and is important that you know how it works so that at the very least you can make an informed decision about new financing choices which until now have been unavailable to buy to let landlords. It really is a fantastic way to improve cashflow… Read more

Shared Appreciation Mortgages for Buy to Let Landlords

Shared Appreciation Mortgages for Buy to Let Landlords

A radical shared appreciation mortgage product for buy to let landlords is soon to be launched. The detailed criteria is yet to be released but we do have details of a product launched a few years ago by the same mortgage lender into the residential mortgage market. If we assume that the key features for… Read more

Contra proferentem mortgage conditions

Contra proferentem mortgage conditions


Unless you are a qualified contracts lawyer who has also studied Latin you will probably not have a clue as to how contra proferentem mortgage conditions affect you. I have spent the last two weeks getting my head around it as it was a key point in the barristers opinion for the Bank of Ireland… Read more

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