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Joint Ownership – Advantages and Disadvantages


I haven’t posted before although I have been reading for some time and discovered all sorts of very useful stuff – great site! My wife and I intend to invest in a BTL property shortly but are unsure of whether to put it in joint names. As my wife is a non-taxpayer we have always… Read more

Should I review my landlord

Should I review my landlord, or will they withhold rent deposit?


I’m a tenant, student in Newcastle. I’m due to move out of my property in a few months and I’ve been recommended by my student union to review my landlord. In general, he was okay, although he took ages to replace a fridge and our house was constantly cold. I’d be honest, so I’m not… Read more


Charging Admin Fees Post Tenancy

I have a question about making signed AST’s available after end of tenancy and the tenant has vacated the property. I’ve had a tenant come back to me nearly a year after leaving the property and demand a copy of the AST she signed. 1. Do I have to hunt this out and give her… Read more

Adding value by changing layout of the flat

Adding value by changing layout of the flat


I would appreciate advice from someone who follows the strategy of adding value to flats by changing the layout in order to create more rooms.  I have recently purchased a big one bed flat in a block of flats with the intention to create second bedroom. It is my home, not an investment project. The… Read more

Intelligent Finance changes terms on Mortgage Contract

Intelligent Finance changes terms on Mortgage Contract

I have a residential offset mortgage with Intelligent Finance (IF).  I took this specific mortgage out as it had specific features that appealed. The offset worked from money held within your bank accounts Throughout the term of the mortgage you could apply to draw down on the equity built up (subject to some affordability rules)… Read more

Keys not handed over on completion

Keys not handed over on completion

We received a bundle of keys from Estate Agency after completion. None of the keys were identified by labels. We expected to receive a key for freehold flat and three keys for the leasehold garages which form flying freehold, clearly identified.  We arranged to meet garage leaseholders to introduce ourselves and also inspect the garages…. Read more

The Housing Enforcers BBC 1

The Housing Enforcers BBC 1

Take a look at The Housing Enforcer programme on BBC iPlayer which relates to private property lets. It’s an eye opener and you’ll know what I mean when you see it with the landlord there to obey. Is it any wonder this country’s nearly bankrupt! Link >>> Thoughts? Regards Jack Editor note: All links added… Read more

Fair split of purchase price of a freehold title

Fair split of purchase price of a freehold title?

I have a leasehold/freehold question and appreciate the input and thoughts of the many here.  I own a 2 bed first floor flat, the 3 bed flat below is owned by another landlord but is significantly larger therefore of a higher value than mine. There is 85 years left on the lease and the freeholder… Read more

Vile tenants ganging up on me, please HELP

Vile tenants ganging up on me, please HELP!


Long story cut short … the last tenant (A) to move out of one of our small portfolio of 5 houses failed to pay her rent for the last month, left some minor damage etc etc and so this weekend we claimed the full amount of her deposit back from the DPS.  Her response was… Read more

Mortgage Express - UKAR - Catch 22

Mortgage Express – UKAR – Catch 22

I am a landlord with 3 Buy 2 Let properties and my own private mortgage with Mortgage Express ( 4 properties in all ). I got into trouble by not paying the monthly mortgage on 2 Buy 2 Let properties then a managing agent was appointed to collect rental income and forward amounts monthly (… Read more

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