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Updated 7th July 2015 – First published on 30th April 2015   Property118 Portal Limited is a new start up business hosted on the established website. It seeks to attract investment of £150,000 in return for 10% of the shares in the new company. The website now serves two separate businesses owned by… Read more


Buying the Freehold is it silly or impossible?

I have come across a block of flats that has 3 of its flats up for sale. I am trying to get hold of the freeholder and negotiate about its freehold as I believe all flats have been sold off on lease and hopefully if the freeholder does agree to its sale as a ground… Read more

Letting a property to a council tenant without a buy to let mortgage

Letting a property to a council tenant without a buy to let mortgage

I am looking at getting an ordinary mortgage to buy my housing association house getting my right to buy discount etc…..  I then want to move my nan into this house and she will live here for the rest of her life and I believe she has at least 20 years left in her, She… Read more



We have an issue with bedbugs in a property that we let out.  We received an email from the estate agent two weeks ago, saying the tenants had been having problems with bedbugs since January. The tenants moved in August 2014. They paid for treatment in January which got rid of them temporarily. They were… Read more


Test case for landlords under EU Human rights act possible?


It seems to be more prevalent that local councils are advising non-paying tenants to be as difficult as possible to landlords. These problem tenants are being advised by councils to turn up at their court hearings at the last minute to force cases to be adjourned, then hold on until bailiffs arrive. This hasn’t happened… Read more


Can I let it a Caravan on the driveway?


I mainly let to DSS/Housing Benefit tenants. Many of them are referred by homelessness organisations, so most of these are homeless at the time of referral to me, and unfortunately I am unable to house everyone as I don’t have enough flats or rooms (in HMOs) for them. However, what I do have is plenty… Read more


Weekly Rent and Service of Section 8

I have a tenant on an AST (6 months) and weekly rent – specified in the AST. He is now four weeks behind with the rent and despite several promises each week that it will be paid I doubt now whether he ever will. I understand that on a weekly rent schedule I only need… Read more


Implied Surrender of Tenancy


I occasionally work in conjunction with a Homeless agency and provide accommodation to people from that source, sometimes things do go awry with tenants and one has to accept that possibility, (whether it be ex drug users returning to their habit or whatever), however I have a scenario at present that is a new one… Read more


Old sofas in furnished property

I have started a furnished tenancy to find 2 old sofas in the lounge. They leave no space for anything else, are end of life and difficult to sit on (especially as it aggravates my back). So I asked if they can be chucked (I’ll bring my own sofa). I was told no, I cannot… Read more

home office

Evicted Tenant – Still using address for Nationalisation


After a lengthy battle I finally evicted my previous tenant in Aug 2014. Since then the tenants partner is still using the property address for credit and business purposes. He has even applied to the Home Office for Nationalisation using the property address, with his solicitor forwarding correspondence to the property. As soon as the… Read more

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