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WARNING Unregulated Advice

WARNING Unregulated Advice


There has been a great response to my last post ”effect of pension release on the BTL market” so I thought I’d post the following both as a WARNING and for discussion.  Currently the Buy To Let financial advice market is entirely unregulated. This means that so called advisors can undertake mortgage broking activities without… Read more

Freeholder playing dirty tricks

Freeholder playing dirty tricks


I have a dispute around ground rent with the property management company and desperately need some advice.  I am the owner of flat and as per the lease agreement there is a £200 ground rent charge that I am liable to pay annually. As per the agreed procedure, they send me a letter demanding ground… Read more

Tenant ignoring section 13 notice

Tenant ignoring section 13 notice – HELP!

I have issued a Section 13 notice to increase the rent on my rental property – tenant has been in situ for over 4 years. In that time I have never increased the rent and have worked with her during difficult times she has had. However, I am now getting £100 per month LESS than… Read more

Borrowing gearing to expand BTL portfolio

Borrowing/gearing to expand BTL portfolio

I’m on the verge of rapidly expanding my BTL portfolio. I’ve had one on the go since 2011, bought my second in 2013 and am just about to exchange contracts on a 3rd property. However, this time I’ve borrowed some of the deposit.  I’m up in Yorkshire and the returns on 2 bed houses/flats are… Read more

Landlords rejoice as Superstrike problems are no more

Landlords rejoice as Superstrike problems are no more!!


Landlords up and down the country will (or should) be celebrating the demise of the ridiculous rules we have all had to put up with following the Court of Appeal decision in the Superstrike case.  This is due to the amendments in the Deregulation Act 2015 which received the Royal Assent on 26 March, and… Read more

Rent to rent on BTL mortgaged property

Rent to rent on BTL mortgaged property

I have a friend who would like to rent me their buy to let property with a view to me using it as a small HMO.  I purchased the Property118 rent to rent lease agreement and it’s fantastic and I have used it on deals where the owner owns the property outright. However, the latest… Read more

How to stop the freeholder from building another floor on top of our block

How to stop the freeholder from building another floor on top of our block?

I bought my lovely flat because it’s on the top floor so there’s no one thundering around on top of us and because it’s quiet so I can sleep during the day, (I work shifts).  Now the freeholders, in a staggering display of greed and profiteering over the well-being of the people who actually live… Read more

Has a new tenancy been created

Has a new tenancy been created?

Has a new tenancy been created? If so should the deposit have been re-registered? My tenants were on periodic tenancy following 12 month AST. They served notice via my agent as they had found them a better house. Their last day would have been 15 Nov 2014. However, the new house fell through and as… Read more

When do Landlords need to provide an EPC

When do Landlords need to provide an EPC?

I had previously thought I only needed to provide an EPC to prospective tenants for a property which I was letting.  But Bury MBC have now told me that as a result of new Regulations introduced in 2013, I must now supply an EPC to all my tenants, irrespective of the date in which they… Read more

Property Investor Show 2015

Property Investor Show 2015


At 4:15pm on Friday 17th April I will be presenting a seminar on buying and selling tenanted property at the Property Investor Show 2015 at Excel London (Theatre 7). FREE tickets and guaranteed entrance to my seminar are available for Property118 members, just click THIS LINK and then complete the registration form to get your entrance… Read more

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