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Transfering a tenants deposit when a property has been sold

Transfering a tenants deposit when a property has been sold


What is the protocol for transferring a tenants deposit? The tenant has lived in the property for a couple of years through an agent. The deposit is protected in one of the three schemes.  The property was recently sold to a new investor landlord who is happy for the tenant to stay and is waiting… Read more

Could you run your property portfolio from the other side of the world

Do you feel trapped by your property portfolio?


Could you run your property portfolio from the other side of the world? If you couldn’t, without making a lot of changes, ask yourself “why not?” Whether you live next door or the other side of the world isn’t really the point. The real question is whether you are working as efficiently as possible and… Read more

East Midlands Property Owners

East Midlands Property Owners Expo – Date for your Diary


East Midlands Property Owners is a professional residential landlords association but also a not-for-profit organisation. Its members own somewhere in the region of 15,000 rented properties across the East Midlands region. Our purpose is simple. We want to provide landlords, letting agents and property investors with the advice, knowledge and tools they need to be… Read more

Minimising risks by maximising returns

Minimising risks by maximising returns


Whether you’re new to investing in property or a seasoned investor, you will no doubt be keen to minimise the risk of your investment whilst maximising the return, and it may appear that striking the balance between the two is the key to success in the field of property investment. When I speak to investors… Read more

Deposit dispute

Deposit dispute handling courses available for Letting Agents


Mydeposits is hosting introductory courses for letting agents in order to help them better deal with their tenant’s deposit disputes. The informative, hands-on seminars will provide letting agent professionals with a deeper understanding of the alternative dispute resolution (ADR) process and will be delivered by experienced adjudicators. ADR is offered to letting agents and tenants… Read more


DCLG review of property conditions in the PRS


This Department for Communities and Local Government DCLG discussion document considers what more can be done and how best to tackle rogue landlords, without negatively impacting on the good ones. This is the first stage of the review and comments are invited before the 21st March. Please note these are not policy or legal changes… Read more

Landlord Action logo

Letting agent workshops on the sharp end by Paul Shamplina


Agents are being educated on making the most of the ‘sharp end’ of the industry in Letting agent workshops. When a landlord has a problem tenant, it can be a stressful time and many don’t know what to do or who to turn to, so often end up putting the blame on the letting agent…. Read more

LettingSupermarket Team Up With British Gas Team Up With British Gas


A radical opportunity has recently been unveiled to landlords as a result of teaming up with British Gas. The deal enables landlords to budget effectively, secure in the knowledge that common maintenance issues and risks associated with tenants not paying rent are protected. The full management service combined with the following services from British… Read more

Letting Agent won't release rent

Letting Agent won’t release rent (6 months paid in advance)

My tenants have paid 6 month rent in advance ( as they did in the previous 6 months with no problems) due to them being students. The Letting Agent is dragging its feet and will not release the 6 months rent to my bank account stating the tenants have to sign a form allowing this… Read more

Insurance Policy

Are freeholders obliged to insure against escape of water?


I am a leaseholder in a large block of flats built in 2007. After two flats were severely damaged by water escaping through pipes our insurance had the excess for escape of water increased to £20,000. Year by year this was reduced to £12,000. However, last year the insurance company said this was an error… Read more

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