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Immigrant Checks – Outsourcing Responsibilities


I used to own a group of Care Homes and this issue has lived with us for years. The real responsibility comes when you accept a tenant and they move into the property. At, we outsource all of our references through an ultimate nationwide scheme which ensures that measures are undertaken to stop a… Read more




Before we present a very simple solution to the Immigration Checks issue it is important that you truly understand the problem, and why so many landlords have are so stressed about it. Tenant immigration checks for landlords has been all over the news this last week and become a hot political topic for the government to… Read more

Help With Property Insurance Claims

No Fees Help With Property Insurance Claims


Hello All  I am posting here at the invitation of Mark Alexander (founder of Property118) to explain how you can get free help when making a property related insurance claim. I have been a member of Property118 for a few years and recently met Mark at the ExCel exhibition centre. This is my first post so… Read more

Landlords rejoice as Superstrike problems are no more

Landlords rejoice as Superstrike problems are no more!!


Landlords up and down the country will (or should) be celebrating the demise of the ridiculous rules we have all had to put up with following the Court of Appeal decision in the Superstrike case.  This is due to the amendments in the Deregulation Act 2015 which received the Royal Assent on 26 March, and… Read more

OnboardPro Pre-Tenancy Software

Introducing OnboardPro Systems


OnboardPro are one of our latest sponsors here at Property118 and I think you will really like what they have to offer to increase the efficiency of the Private Rented Sector. Their cloud-based software combines the full pre-tenancy process into one efficient system guiding you step-by-step through the tenant move-in process.  Tenants can complete applications… Read more

Own Shares in Letting Supermarket

Own Shares in Letting Supermarket


EDITORS NOTE: I have re-published this article because we are getting very close to the point of this investment opportunity being publicly available via the Crowd Cube Platform. Interested parties are advised to set up an account with Crowd Cube in order to avoid delays when shares are eventually released. When we first published the… Read more

Kevin Eggleton - Letting Supermarket agent in the West Country

Our agent in the West Country


As you will no doubt be aware, the owners of Property118 acquired a 26% share in Letting Supermarket when it was a start up business. It has since flourished and over the coming weeks and months we will be proudly introducing you to some of the team. Kevin Eggleton is the Letting Supermarket agent covering The… Read more

Evicting tenants just to break a contract with a letting agent

Evicting Tenants – A sister website to Property118

We have so much information on Property118 about evicting tenants that we decided to produce a simplified website to consolidate it. We’d like to think our new website looks great on all mobile devices too. Please CLICK HERE to view the new website. I am very much looking forward to reading your feedback, please leave… Read more

Mark Alexander

Surrender of Tenancy Agreement


I have just helped my brother to draft a Surrender of Tenancy Agreement, you can download a copy at the foot of this article, but the story behind it is an interesting one too. The property was purchased at auction a few years ago, it was an absolute bargain but it’s 250 miles away from… Read more

Property Management Checklist

Property Management Checklist


I have created this property management checklist to document the tasks you will already be doing if you are managing your buy to let properties effectively:-  Visiting your property, taking particulars. Setting up a system to store your documentation securely, preferably online so that it can be accessed at any time wherever you are Advertising… Read more

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