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Water Damage from Upstairs Flat – Who is Liable for the Excess?


I own the downstairs maisonette in a terrace, with one flat upstairs, which is also tenanted. There has been a water leak from the upstairs hand wash basin which has caused extensive damage to my flat. It was a fortuitous incident, and my upstairs neighbour’s insurance has declined liability. Her tenants might have been negligent… Read more


BTL objective sorted – strategy not quite

I’ve just acquired my first BTL property which will provide me with an additional income in retirement. My plan is to retire in the next 4-5 years, downsize the family home and use the residual equity to acquire a second BTL and take this income too. I’m happy to let the capital growth look after… Read more

Eastbank Manchester

Eastbank Manchester – High end Buy to Let Apartments


Eastbank Manchester is the perfect development to cater for the abundance of young professionals seeking prime high-end apartments in the popular area of Manchester. The location is close to the city centre  and many apartments will benefit from spectacular city views, with the remainder facing the garden courtyard and terraces. It also benefits from a… Read more

living room

Are living rooms becoming an endangered species in shared homes?

16% of shared homes in the UK have no living room, according to a survey of more than 10,000 users of flat and house share site Just three years ago, only 10% of sharers lived in properties without living rooms. In London, where demand for rooms in flat and house shares is highest there… Read more

Council Tax

Council Tax and Rolling contracts


I use a rolling contract for all my properties as my tenants are all local and tend to be long term, I have a 2 months notice period after the 6 month period and let the lease run on a rolling basis never had a problem doing it this way for 10 years. However a… Read more


Auction Property – is this a good place to start

I’ve been trying to get on the property ladder but because of lack of funds, it’s proving difficult. I would like to try to purchase cheaper run down property, from auction north of England, renovate it and possible sell it to raise some deposit money to buy a family home near London. I do not… Read more

Care Act Set To Ruin Even More Legacies

Care Act Set To Ruin Even More Legacies

Care fees can decimate any legacy that property owners hope to leave to their loved ones, likewise with any legacy they might have expected to receive from their own parents. The new “Care Act” is set to make things much worse. Some industry experts are suggesting that the window of opportunity to get things sorted… Read more

UK Property Investor Servey 2014

UK Property Investor Survey 2014

Check out the UK Property Investor Survey 2014 conducted by Rob Dix (AKA “The Property Geek”) as an infographic and read his full write up HERE. The Property Geeks Claims to Fame Include ……. The Property Podcast: The UK’s most popular business podcast. Listen here. The Property Hub: Community and training for property investors. Join the conversation…. Read more

Feel this could end in disaster

Feel this could end in disaster

After deciding to move in with a long-term girlfriend and not wanting to give up my own property, I decided to allow a local high street agent, who are ARLA regulated, to let and manage the property for me. This is the second tenant who is now in arrears.  They have stopped paying rent as… Read more

New freeholder not been given my correspondence address

New freeholder not been given my correspondence address

I have received a letter from a firm of solicitors instructed by a new freeholder for non-payment of ground rent. Clearly there are now excessive fees to pay!!! The ground rent payments are for this year (when I have owned the property) and the whole of last year (when I didn’t even own the property,… Read more

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