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Just launched 35% net assured returns


35% net returns assured over five years in Savills’ 2014 top investment hotspot with the new Vita student development in Westgate, Newcastle. The area is reported to have the largest supply-demand gap in the UK with 1 bed to 5 students. The second highest rental premium anywhere in the UK and an annual rental increase… Read more


Tips for ‘tenant proofing’ your property

I’ve just exchanged on my first Buy to Let and as I’ve got some work to do on the property in advance of letting it I thought I’d ask fellow members what tips they’ve acquired over the years for ‘tenant proofing’ their properties in the hope that I might incorporate some of the precautions at… Read more

quantitative easing

European Central Bank may consider using Quantitative Easing


The European Central Bank (ECB) is considering the use of Quantitative Easing (QE), or smaller scale asset purchase for the first time in an effort to avoid deflation. This is after figures showing European inflation at 0.3% a fall from 0.4% in July and a five year low. Mario Draghi, head of the ECB, has… Read more


Tenants rights following repossession order of rented property

Urgent advice needed please. We are tenants of a property that has been served with a repossession order by the court, because our landlord hasn’t been paying his mortgage. Our rent is paid up until the 13th of this month and the possession is ordered to take place on 1st October. We have been excellent… Read more

Good Landlord, Bad Letting Agent

Good Landlord, Bad Letting Agent

My letting agent is now 4 months late paying any rent to myself.   The payments have never been on a regular basis, always different weeks but always paid and I thought “better the devil you know” rather than trying to find another agent and possibly paying a cancellation fee. Now after weeks of ringing… Read more

The Mortgage Works (TMW) Redemption figure - Help!

The Mortgage Works (TMW) Redemption figure – Help!

We have five portfolio loan accounts with TMW. These five portfolio loans are held under one account number. We have a buyer on one our properties in the South of England and requested a release figure in June. TMW wrote and requested 16 internal valuations of properties we hold in the a North of England…. Read more

Tenant wants her daughter to move in

Tenant wants her daughter to move in

I have a couple who are on an ongoing AST. They have been in the house for one year now and they have just said they want to have a daughter to stay from September to November. She is unemployed and is 21 years old.  I phoned the R L A for advice and I was informed… Read more

To buy a house with old uncertified loft conversion

To buy a house with old uncertified loft conversion?

I need some advice about buying a house with an uncertified loft conversion please.  It’s advertised as a 3-bed house with a “converted attic room used as the third bedroom”. It has been let for several years. The loft conversion was done before the current seller bought the house in 2007. I have asked for… Read more


Tenants praying for a new landlord to buy their London flat!

We are a professional couple in quiet, untouched Rotherhithe and we are praying for a rental buyer of our landlord’s one bed garden maisonette. The interior is like new and it is in a popular residential area.  We’ve come to love this property  with all our hearts – so when our landlord announced he was… Read more

Window smashed in burglary - who pays

Window smashed in burglary – who pays?

My son and his family moved into their rented house last week. This morning they were burgled; access gained by smashing a large window in the conservatory. My son does not want to tell his landlord (and see if his insurance will cover the cost of a new window) as he has just started a… Read more

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