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Please send this letter to the Chief Executive of your local Council

Please send this letter to the Chief Executive of your local Council


SUBJECT: Impact of Summer Budget on the housing market in [insert your Council area, e.g Breckland District Council] Dear [insert Chief Exec name]  I wish to draw to your attention a part of the Chancellor’s Summer Budget 2015 that is likely to have consequences for [insert your Council area] if the Government’s tax changes go ahead in… Read more


Agents chasing for payment but I have moved out?


I rented a house which had 12 months minimum term. This was unknowingly signed by me and my wife because we discussed 6 months. We had intention of staying in the house for 6 months because we were already looking for mortgage to secure our own house. Luckily after staying for 7 months (March 2015)… Read more


Should I take a tenant reference for new lodger?

I would like some advice regarding taking in a live in lodger. I was wondering if it would be necessary or advisable to obtain a tenant reference for a live in lodger prior to them moving in as it is for a tenant renting a property on an AST. Any advice would be most helpful…. Read more


Restricting finance cost relief for individual landlords – PETITION


This is the petition that intends to STOP the Government making the biggest mistake in recent history. “Restricting finance cost relief for individual landlords” The petition isn’t branded by any particular organisation because this issue is far too important to us all than to allow rivalries to influence campaigning. All you need to know about the… Read more


Year of Separation but how to split property

My wife and I are divorcing and we want to transfer 3 rental properties from joint names into my name in return for a lump sum that I will pay her. I believe we have to do the transfer in the year of separation otherwise a CGT would be payable. What is involved in the… Read more


Letting agent hasn’t collected enough rent?


We have been using a letting agent to fully manage one of our properties for the last 8 years and we pay 10% commission for doing this which includes Landlord insurance. Around 2 years ago he found us a new tenant and she moved in and everything was fine. A couple of months after she… Read more

Precise mortgages

Buy to Let second charge loans with Precise Mortgages

For many Buy to Let borrowers raising finance by way of a second charge loan can be far better than leaving an existing very low reversion rate and re-entering the cycle of remortgaging every few years with an incrementally higher rate at the end of each mortgage product term. Precise Mortgages have launched a new… Read more

Great Yarmouth

Should I invest in Great Yarmouth or is it too likely to flood?

I am new in the property investments but I would like to ask for the opinion of the more experienced landlords. I am planning to buy my first BTL I own a property already which is my main residence in Great Yarmouth that’s where I live now. I am wondering where to buy my BTL… Read more


My Flat being used as a Brothel!

I let my Flat to a holiday let company, but it was on the basis that they would NOT use it as a holiday let, but were going to let it to a couple who were in London for 6 months working. It is a one bed flat and I insisted it should remain as… Read more

Own Shares in the Property118 Rental Property for-sale Portal

An exciting opportunity for all investors

We have received a lot of questions about the investment opportunity we have been promoting recently and what exactly Property118 Portal Ltd is all about.  Property118 Portal Ltd is not to be confused with the discussion forums, news and the other functionality on the website, they are different businesses, albeit with common directors. So… Read more

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