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International Student Wants to Surrender Tenancy

International Student Wants to Surrender Tenancy


Dear readers, I am a current tenant who is settling to terminate a 6 month contract with the landlord due to the property’s unsuitable conditions for myself. I have found a replacement tenant and will surrender my tenancy once the landlord approves the new tenant. I am aware there will be deductions made from my… Read more

AST rent reviews

AST rent reviews

Probably a straightforward question about rent reviews when a property is let under the usual AST: 1. If the tenancy has moved into “periodic” mode after the initial lease period, is it possible to undertake a rent review without instigating a new lease? 2. When writing a new lease, is it possible to write in… Read more

HMO council goal posts

HMO council goal posts?

I own a 2 bed end of terrace house in south-east London, which in my opinion is ripe to convert into a HMO. The property currently achieves a gross rental yield ~7% with a single dwelling occupier but having spent a great deal of time researching local demand I think with a substantial investment (loft/side… Read more

3d small people carrying home

Buying a property with tenant in situ

Just in the process of buying a property where the tenant wishes to stay on.  The current agent has less than favourable terms so am wondering how easy it is to get the tenants current deposit moved to a new deposit scheme of my choice. With regards to the AST I am not so worried about,… Read more

Halloween House 2014 - Music and Light Show

Halloween House 2014 – Music and Light Show


Hells Bells!  The effort that went into this video is incredible and is a “must watch” for any AC/DC fan and anybody who’s into property, music, lighting or just the Halloween spirit. The owners of the house do this for fun, it’s not a business. They don’t annoy the neighbours by screaming the music out,… Read more

interest rates

Bank of England Chief Economist thinks interest rates should stay low


Andrew Haldane. the Chief Economist for the Bank of England, has caused concern in markets today with his pessimistic outlook on the world economy and how it could slow the UK’s recovery. Sterling has dropped 0.5% against the US Dollar and share trading has been volatile. Mr Haldane said, “Let me now add three flies… Read more

I Want To Repair My House And Sell It..But Still Have A Tenant Living There

I Want To Repair My House And Sell It..But Still Have A Tenant Living There

I have a property, which I rent out, most of the tenants have moved out, however there is one left, she has a small child as well. She has a AST contract with me for 6 months, there is 4 months left on it. She owes some arrears (a months worth)  I want to repair… Read more

Tenant leaving before notice period expires

Tenant leaving before notice period expires


Our tenant of 11 years has given one months notice which is up soon.  Apart from some clothes and other personal belongings she has removed all her furniture to the new cottage she has purchased. She told us she would be moving her stuff out gradually and we were fine with that as she had… Read more

Letting Agencies and commission

Letting Agencies and commission

Having moved into new build properties I now have to use agents for letting as the usual route – spare room etc do not cover the high rent I am now charging (do not have the tenants to pay the higher value).  I’ve seen a number agents and it’s just dawned on me that my… Read more

The Silent Killer

Carbon Monoxide – The Silent Killer

I’m sure you’re all already aware, but there’s a bit crack down at the moment on CO alarms and it’s currently up for discussion whether landlords should be providing these to tenants by law.  For those of you who don’t know, every year in the UK, more than 200 people go to hospital with suspected… Read more

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