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Fixtures and Fittings – it’s all in the detail

Fixtures and Fittings – it’s all in the detail


Whether a developer, CGI artist, architect, landlord or owner occupier, attention to detail is important. It is easy enough to include a Le Corbusier chaise longue and portray an illusion of contemporary chic which some people do buy. I used to advise the use of vertical blinds in flats with not great views. At least… Read more


Tax relief on mortgage interest for previously unemcumbered property?

I have a property which once upon a time had a mortgage on it and the property was let. I used to claim the mortgage interest as an allowable expense each year and everything was hunky dory. Then it came to pass that I paid off the mortgage and could no longer claim any interest… Read more


The Mortgage Works Won’t give me a redemption figure – Please help!

Hi all, I exchanged contracts on a flat I am selling on 11.4.14 with completion set for 17.4.14. It was not certain that this would go ahead until the last minute, so my solicitor didn’t request a redemption figure until then. Unfortunately, the mortgage on this flat is a portfolio mortgage with one other property…. Read more

Paul Shamplin of Landlord Action

The Social Housing crisis and Landlords


In May last year I did a TV programme called The One Show, where they filmed me serving a section 8 notice on a LHA tenants at 7am, they had kept the landlords rent of £4,000. This piece was about the launch of the trial version of ‘Universal Credit’, which I warned would be not… Read more


When to go to court ?

Dear Readers, We issued our tenants a section 21 a year ago, but after some discussion decide they could stay (they were going to buy the house), we left the section 21 in place. They have now separated and can no longer purchase, so we gave them a months notice to end on Friday, the… Read more

parents money

Investing parent’s money?


Hi Readers, My parents are selling up to move closer to family as they have health problems. My Mother has carers coming in at a cost of approx £600 per week. They will receive just over 460k from the sale of their house. We now have 2 alternatives, and I would really appreciate your comments… Read more


My rented home is being repossessed – can I buy it?

Dear Property118 readers, We are currently renting our home and have recently discovered that the landlord has not been paying the mortgage so the house is going to be repossessed. The court date is in May. We would very much like to buy the house. We are able to afford a mortgage and are willing… Read more

Avoid the Benefit Cap – Ask me anything

Avoid the Benefit Cap – Ask me anything

My name is Robert Mellors and this article was prompted by me watching the TV programmes about the Benefit Cap, and “How to Get a Council House” last week. It occurred to me that from my years of experience in working in local government housing departments, and in various advice bureaus, including being a caseworker… Read more


Additional Licensing – how to sneak it through?


Whilst I applaud high standards of safety in rented accommodation, there are different ways of achieving this. Some of the conditions under licensing schemes are un-necessarily heavy-handed and open to interpretation, often by over-zealous EHO. These schemes are seen as the answer to rubbish problems, anti-social behaviour and crime, however there is no evidence to… Read more

check out

Refused a copy of check out report!


Dear Readers I’m a landlord and I’ve had several small issues with with my letting agent who seems to get a little upset when she has to work for her money. The latest being that she refuses to send me a copy of the check out report saying that, because I didn’t pay for it… Read more

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