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Legionella testing on a single private dwelling – really?


I rent out a property which belonged to my mother before she died. It is a 3 bed semi with an enclosed (multi-point) central heating system. My agent insists I have a Legionella report done on the property. Do I really need one, they have threatened to terminate my contract if I don’t have it… Read more


Tenant demanding 2 months rent back plus deposit


So back in 2011 I use to take 2 months rent in advance and no official deposit. With this particular tenant this is what I did. 6 months passed and I renewed the tenancy with a new 6month AST. By this time I had realised that I should be properly registering a deposit and keeping… Read more

Property Development

The Property Development industry is growing at a rapid rate

With the UK continuing to recover from the losses suffered during the recession, the Property Development industry is currently seeing one of its fastest growing times. The demand for property has significantly risen in the first half of the year with construction of over 100,000 properties commenced in the first half of 2014. There are… Read more


Will the Judge issue a possession order whilst tenant is in Hospital?

I purchased a flat to let a couple years ago. We have had the same tenant in for the full period. Although there have been several months of late payments, he has generally not been a problem. He has always suffered with kidney problems and this has left out of work on occassions, hence the… Read more


Don’t end up giving it away – Another IHT thought provoker


How about an instant reduction in your IHT bill – no seven year wait? This will particularly appeal to BTL landlords who have most of their cash tied up in a property portfolio. Some readers will have heard of Discounted Gift Trusts (DGT) wherein you invested your cash into an Investment Bond and this would… Read more

home invasion

Immigrants en mass invade my property ?

Well my agent and I have been well and truly had. I’m a portfolio landlord and builder, and have just finished extensive renovation of a 2 bed terrace locally. Due to poor health I instructed a local agent friend to source me tenants and we chose very a plausible and presentable Polish working couple. They… Read more


Newham are not granting any further change of use permissions?

I might have to sell my house because Newham council won’t let me let it to a group of professional sharers. It’s too expensive and large for most families (agents suggest 2k pcm) and Newham council have said they are not granting any more planning permission for change of use, which I have to have… Read more

Buy to Let

Loan to income ratio on Buy to Let – what could be next?


It has been announced that the Nat West and RBS group will be tightening their Buy to Let mortgage criteria even further. They will be limiting their loan to income ratio to 4.99. The move became effective as from the 14th July and this criteria change follows on the heels of a recent reduction in… Read more


Tenant’s actions have made flat a Health and Safety danger

My tenant has a serious drink problem and has damaged the flat so badly it has caused a serious Health and Safety issue. The power points are hanging off the wall, the kitchen has evidence of a messy hob top fire and there is mold everywhere from lack of ventilation. On top of this I… Read more


Can I request information about my LHA tenants from the Council?


I have a vague idea at the back of my mind that the council will give me more information about my LHA tenants if I get the to fill in and sign a form. Anyone know what its called – or am I dreaming? Cheers Allan

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