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The Immigration act 2014

The Immigration Act 2014 and checking a tenant’s right to rent


A pilot for introducing checking a tenant’s right to rent under the immigration act 2014 is being introduced in 5 areas as of 1st December. These pilot areas are Birmingham, Walsall, Sandwell, Dudley and Wolverhampton. Full roll out across the country is expected after a Government review of the pilot within 6 months. Under the… Read more

Landlord action

Government move to issue accelerated possession claims online


From today, the Government has launched a new service which enables landlords to start the process of evicting tenants using the Section 21 accelerated possession claims online. This was an idea which was first put forward by Landlord Action, as part of our role on a Government Think Tank to help speed up evictions. It… Read more

David Carter - CEO of The Sheriffs Office

Are you sure your speedy tenant eviction was legal?


With the recent significant increase in the use of High Court enforcement officers evicting residential tenants it has become clear that not all of these evictions have been conducted legally. The potential cost implications for a landlord for incorrectly evicting a tenant can be huge as the claims for damages could not only come from… Read more

Landlord action

Landlords are making more use of the Section 21 Accelerated procedure


Since Landlord Action started in 1999, which incidentally is also the year the Section 21 accelerated procedure was introduced, we have never had so many instructions from landlords and letting agents wishing to proceed to court to obtain possession orders under Section 21. Last year, there were 34,080 claims issued under the section 21 accelerated… Read more

tenancy reform

Scottish tenancy reform concerns


The National Landlords Association (NLA) has expressed concerns over the Scottish Government’s consultation on tenancy reform. This is the first in-depth look at tenancy legislation for 25 years. The NLA is concerned that if implemented as proposed, there is a significant risk of undermining the private rented sector (PRS), and of exacerbating the housing crisis… Read more


Up to £1million of your savings could be protected by the Bank of England

The Bank of England, under its Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA), has proposed that by July 2015 a maximum of £1million in savings with an individual bank will be protected for a term of six months. This is of particular interest to property investors and developers who may have large sums deposited for short periods of… Read more

BTL Joint Venture Funding For New Purchases Has Arrived

Innovative New BTL Mortgage Product


85% LTV, low rates and fees AND positive cashflow on new BTL purchases? Yes it’s true, and it’s available NOW! The eagerly awaited collaboration between a market leading BTL mortgage provider and the UK’s only provider of BTL equity finance has now been launched – AT LAST!!! The resultant product allows landlords to purchase properties… Read more

Landlord action

New Deposit Service launched


As many as 38% of landlords calling the Landlord Action legal helpline for advice on evicting a tenant have failed to place their tenants’ deposits in a government recognised scheme within the prescribed 30 days of receiving it, or have not even heard of the scheme which came into force back in 2007. Landlord Action… Read more

accidental landlord

Accidental Landlord Buy to Let mortgages are now to be regulated


The Government has changed its mind about regulating Accidental Landlord Buy to Let mortgages in a decision to now comply with the EU mortgage credit directive being brought into law March 2016. The Treasury has stated that accidental landlords who did not make the conscious decision to purchase a property to rent it out were… Read more

efficiency standards

NLA call for extension on deadline for efficiency standards


The National Landlords Association (NLA) has warned the Government to tread cautiously in introducing minimum energy efficiency standards in the private rented sector (PRS). The NLA has called for an extension to the deadline for rented properties to reach minimum energy efficiency standards after the shambles introducing Green Deal finance into the sector. The warning… Read more

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