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BTL Joint Venture Funding For New Purchases Has Arrived

Innovative New BTL Mortgage Product


85% LTV, low rates and fees AND positive cashflow on new BTL purchases? Yes it’s true, and it’s available NOW! The eagerly awaited collaboration between a market leading BTL mortgage provider and the UK’s only provider of BTL equity finance has now been launched – AT LAST!!! The resultant product allows landlords to purchase properties… Read more


Recheck your PPI complaint


2.5 million Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) complaints made between 2012 and 2013 are going to be reviewed by firms after the Financial Conduct Authority FCA has forced them to improve their procedures It is believed that complaints during this period may have been unfairly rejected or compensation paid too little. 70% of complaints taken to… Read more


Don’t end up giving it away – Another IHT thought provoker


How about an instant reduction in your IHT bill – no seven year wait? This will particularly appeal to BTL landlords who have most of their cash tied up in a property portfolio. Some readers will have heard of Discounted Gift Trusts (DGT) wherein you invested your cash into an Investment Bond and this would… Read more


Parents assisted mortgages


There comes a time for all parents to think “When are they going to leave home?” There also comes a time when all offspring think “When could I leave home?” and “Will bank of mum and dad help me?” The obvious answer for the Buy to Let Portfolio owner is “I’ll buy them a property… Read more


Don’t end up giving it all away – CGT and IHT thought provokers


The following ideas are just that, and should not be taken as advice. In most cases to determine suitability and an appropriate methodology an enquirer will need to provide a full background information and where necessary a “property history”. It is amazing what can still be done within HMRC rules. 2nd property? – Eliminate up… Read more

The NISA way to invest into buy to let

The NISA way to invest into buy to let


The 2014 Budget saw a package of measures announced to help savers trying to build a nest egg. One of the most significant changes was the introduction of the new ISA (NISA) which comes into effect on Tuesday 1st July 2014. This will see ISA allowances both increase to £15,000 and become investable in any… Read more

Mark Edwards - Residential Property Landlord and Finance Broker

Buy to let, no minimum income


You may well be forgiven for thinking that the current climate has been quite tough for obtaining finance.  The Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA) recent implementation of the Mortgage Market Review, which put new restrictions on lending, has now been quickly followed by talk of the Bank of England looking to raise interest rates sooner rather than… Read more

Lasting Power of Attorney Charity offer for readers

Lasting Power of Attorney Charity offer for readers


From Howard Reuben Property118 Sponsor:- We all know that the vast majority of people don’t have a Will written, and even more people don’t have a valid Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) in place either. Despite having been an estate planning Firm since 1995, it still surprises me that most people haven’t even considered an… Read more

Don't end up giving it away - part 1

Don’t end up giving it away – part 1


A good many BTL landlords have put together multiple property portfolios and created above average amounts of wealth in a relatively short time, with proportionately little professional help. An amazing achievement!  Generating wealth is one thing, but keeping control of it is another. Some of you guys may not care to hear this, but it is… Read more

Tax Refunds For HMO & Commercial Property Owners

Tax Refunds For HMO & Commercial Property Owners


HMO landlords and commercial property owners will no doubt be very interested in a meeting I had with a chap called Bill Lorryman recently because he has this very simple business proposal ….  If you are an HMO landlord or commercial property owner and Bill can’t get you a tax refund then you don’t owe… Read more

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