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Skipton Building Society Legal Action

Skipton Building Society Legal Action


In 2010 the Skipton Building Society broke a promise to over 60,000 mortgage account holders.  The basis of that promise was that their mortgage rate would never exceed 3% over the Bank of England base rate – it did – CONSIDERABLY! The hike in monthly payments for a person with a £150,000 interest only mortgage… Read more

West Brom Tracker Mortgages

Property118 Members vs West Bromwich Mortgage Company


UPDATE – 31st March 2014 Since publishing this article our campaign has raised over £450,000 and legal action has now commenced. The official closing date for borrowers to be represented in this action was 28th March 2014. However, it may still be possible to be included in the representative action by paying additional fees to… Read more

Timing is everything for landlords

Timing is everything for landlords!


This article serves as a warning to all landlords who haven’t put Lasting Powers of Attorney in place. What a coincidence given my recent articles on Property118! Last week saw me visit three nursing homes following “we know it’s been left late, but can you now arrange LPAs for….” type calls from the families.  I admit… Read more

Garry Streeter - Home Reversion Schemes

Home Reversion plans – the hidden truths


To refresh memories, a Lifetime Mortgage is a loan for life but has no monthly repayments. The interest rate is fixed for life, but as the interest is compounded (rolled up) the debt continually grows until it is repaid. A Home Reversion can involve selling all but more usually part of the property. The contract involves no… Read more

Loan To Value or Loan To Purchase Price

Loan To Value or Loan To Purchase Price?


Hi everyone Are there any BTL lenders that lend against the property valuation rather than the lower purchase price? For example, if the valuation is £100K and the price paid is £90K, will any lenders lend against the £100K? Or is it a case of lending against whichever is lower? Interested to hear Howard Reuben’s… Read more


You may have more funding choices than you think!


Banks aren’t always the friendliest of places when it comes to borrowing money. All the “hoops” they expect you jump through, and even then you’ll be told what you can or cannot use the cash for! So it’s good know that you may have more options than you think. Let’s give you a working example: … Read more

Divorce Advice for Landlords

Divorce Advice for Landlords


Divorce Advice for Landlords isn’t the cheeriest of subjects I’ve ever written about, however, this article was inspired by a lady who sent me a readers question article to consider and with whom I subsequently had a very long conversation with over the telephone. We agreed that I would not post her Readers Questions article,… Read more

Tax Treatment of Equity Loans for Buy to Let Landlords

Tax Treatment of Equity Loans for Buy to Let Landlords

I have been posting on numerous forums about the introduction of equity loans into the UK buy to let mortgage market, a common question is the tax treatment. Equity loans do not attract interest in the normal way, there are no regular monthly payments. One UK lender, funded by USA equity house JC Flower &… Read more

BTL Further Advances No Monthly Payments

BTL Second Charge Mortgages / No Monthly Payments


No this is NOT a wind up, it’s 100% genuine and is important that you know how it works so that at the very least you can make an informed decision about new financing choices which until now have been unavailable to buy to let landlords. It really is a fantastic way to improve cashflow… Read more

Shared Appreciation Mortgages for Buy to Let Landlords

Shared Appreciation Mortgages for Buy to Let Landlords

A radical shared appreciation mortgage product for buy to let landlords is soon to be launched. The detailed criteria is yet to be released but we do have details of a product launched a few years ago by the same mortgage lender into the residential mortgage market. If we assume that the key features for… Read more

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