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Help With Property Insurance Claims

No Fees Help With Property Insurance Claims


Hello All  I am posting here at the invitation of Mark Alexander (founder of Property118) to explain how you can get free help when making a property related insurance claim. I have been a member of Property118 for a few years and recently met Mark at the ExCel exhibition centre. This is my first post so… Read more

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Bank of England report on the Buy to Let market


Buy to Let (BTL) mortgages represented 15% of the total outstanding residential mortgage loans at the end of 2014 with gross advances of new loans recovering back to 2005 levels (see chart A). Total annual gross lending has grown since 2010 to £27.4 billion reflecting increased supply and demand factors with BTL now standing at… Read more


Good news for landlords as cheaper buy-to-let mortgage deals become available


The number of buy-to-let (BTL) mortgages available on the market is on the rise, with cheaper rates also becoming available to landlords. In recent years, there has been a healthy rise in the number of BTL mortgages on offer, up from 476 two years ago to 745 today, the figures show. Also noted in the… Read more


Half of over 40s considering Buy to Let property as a retirement plan


OVER half of those saving towards their retirement say they would consider investing or are already investing in buy-to-let properties to increase their retirement income, according to new research. A national survey of 915 retirement savers aged 40 or over, found that 8% are already investing in buy-to-let property, while another 45% said that they… Read more


Innovative Buy to Let loans


Albert Einstein has many famous quotes and I am quite fond of this one: “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity”. This is particularly true of the buy to let market right now and here are a couple of statistics to demonstrate opportunity: Gross buy to let mortgage advances grew by 23% in 2014, compared… Read more

cml statement of practice

CML statement of practice launched for Buy to Let


The Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML) has launched a statement of practice, which has already been adopted by 31 of its Buy to Let lenders representing 90% of the market, and by all members during 2015. This statement is designed to provide clarity on how responsible Buy to Let lenders should operate and treat customers…. Read more


Why is “Whole of Market” so important


It can be tempting to cut out the middle man when searching for a new mortgage, and people may even think they can save money doing so, but there are other considerations to take into account. An important thing to understand is that when you receive whole of the market mortgage advice, your mortgage broker… Read more

HD consultants

HD Consultants Get Business MoneyFacts Award Recognition


Property118 IFA partners HD Consultants won a podium finish in their first venture out to the Business MoneyFacts awards held last night. Howard Reuben, the Principal of HD Consultants, and his team won 3rd place “Commended” Buy To Let Mortgage Broker of the Year 2015. Howard said “recent trade press report there are about 16,000… Read more

Mark Edwards - Residential Property Landlord and Finance Broker

Local Authority Lets, No need to take a chance!


Letting a property on a 3 of even 5 year contract to the local authority may seem like an attractive idea for some landlords. As well as helping to ease the chronic public sector housing shortage, the landlord benefits from a guaranteed rent paid into their account every month without fail for the period of… Read more

Accidental Landlords

EU threat to Accidental Landlord Let to Buy


The Treasury has decided that to conform to the European Mortgage Credit Directive (compulsory by 2016) all Buy to Let contracts, where the mortgage was not entered into solely for business purposes, will be defined as “consumer” loans. Hence all Let to Buy or accidental landlords will become regulated in a similar way to residential… Read more

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