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Precise mortgages

Buy to Let second charge loans with Precise Mortgages


For many Buy to Let borrowers raising finance by way of a second charge loan can be far better than leaving an existing very low reversion rate and re-entering the cycle of remortgaging every few years with an incrementally higher rate at the end of each mortgage product term. Precise Mortgages have launched a new… Read more


75% LTV Buy to Let Best Buys


Too often Buy to Let best buy tables can leave you very disappointed as they are usually all based on a low Loan to Value of 60 or even 50% . I have done a more realistic search using a Freehold house purchase price of £100,000 and looking to borrow £75,000 with an applicant income… Read more


Shawbrook reduce rates on Ltd Co BTL to aid landlords post budget

Following the announcement in the ‘Summer Budget’ by the chancellor George Osborne that Landlords will will only be able to offset mortgage interest at the basic rate of tax (20%) by 2020, many landlords may feel there investments are under risk. Landlords at current are allowed to view their mortgage interest as another cost, deducting… Read more


New Buy to Let product range and 80% from Aldermore


Aldermore have combined and enhanced their Residential and Commercial Buy to Let product ranges providing solutions for many types of landlords with a full spectrum of products for simple to complex deals. Buy to let range improvements include: 2, 3 and 5 year fixed rates from 4.18% Term Variable rates from 3.93% Maximum LTV increased… Read more

Simon Lever

Moving a BTL portfolio into a Ltd company structure with no CGT


If you could transfer your properties to a limited company without paying any capital gains on the transfer would you be interested?  Massive thanks to Property118 member Simon Lever for sharing this information. Simon is a Chartered Accountant and Business Advisor. In Simon’s own words …. “I refer you to the case of Elizabeth Moyne Ramsey v… Read more

Bank of England

Bank of England concerns over Buy to Let risks to Financial Stability


The Buy to Let (BTL) market has continued to grow rapidly and now accounts for 15% of all outstanding mortgages and 18% of the total flow of new mortgages as reported in the Bank of England Financial Stability Report (see chart below). This recovery in BTL has been assisted by increased competition from lenders leading… Read more


New BTL Classic Range from Keystone up to 80% LTV

The New Buy to Let range from Keystone is funded exclusively by the peer to peer lending platform Landbay. The Classic Range is geared towards individuals and limited company applicants looking to purchase or remortgage a wide variety of residential investment property. Range features: Complimentary £100 Welcome Bonus for every new mortgage holder (conditions apply)…. Read more


BTL funding available at 100% LTV with a second charge


Challenger bank Shawbrook will fund 100% for Buy to Lets. They will lend up to 75% Loan to Value (LTV) on the property being purchased and then take a second charge over another property if there is enough equity up to a total of 70% of its value. For example if the second property was… Read more

Help With Property Insurance Claims

No Fees Help With Property Insurance Claims


Hello All  I am posting here at the invitation of Mark Alexander (founder of Property118) to explain how you can get free help when making a property related insurance claim. I have been a member of Property118 for a few years and recently met Mark at the ExCel exhibition centre. This is my first post so… Read more

chart A

Bank of England report on the Buy to Let market


Buy to Let (BTL) mortgages represented 15% of the total outstanding residential mortgage loans at the end of 2014 with gross advances of new loans recovering back to 2005 levels (see chart A). Total annual gross lending has grown since 2010 to £27.4 billion reflecting increased supply and demand factors with BTL now standing at… Read more

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