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Help With Property Insurance Claims

No Fees Help With Property Insurance Claims


Hello All  I am posting here at the invitation of Mark Alexander (founder of Property118) to explain how you can get free help when making a property related insurance claim. I have been a member of Property118 for a few years and recently met Mark at the ExCel exhibition centre. This is my first post so… Read more

FREE Guide To Enforcing Judgements

FREE Guide To Enforcing Judgements


Sometimes having a CCJ just isn’t enough, you may still be one step away from your goal of recovering your unpaid rent.  For those of you who don’t know me, I am the CEO of The Sheriffs Office, we are UK based High Court Enforcement Officers (see my member profile) FREE Guide To Enforcing Judgments… Read more

100xrobert mellors

Avoid the Benefit Cap – Ask me anything


My name is Robert Mellors and this article was prompted by me watching the TV programmes about the Benefit Cap, and “How to Get a Council House” last week. It occurred to me that from my years of experience in working in local government housing departments, and in various advice bureaus, including being a caseworker… Read more

Mortgage Express UKAR LPA Recievership

Mortgage Express UKAR LPA Receivership


It has come to our attention that Mortgage Express (now UKAR – UK Asset Resolution) have recently been appointing LPA receivers with no apparent justification. Previously we had heard of LPA receivers having been appointed where a borrower has died or where a landlord had fallen into arrears. In some cases the properties were sold for much… Read more

Tony Wilson

Message from Anthony Wilson of Ashley Wilson Solicitors LLP


My name is Tony Wilson. I have today committed £15,000.00 to the fund to enable Mark Alexander and Mark Smith carry on the superb work they are doing on behalf of buy to let landlords who are being (in my view) mistreated by the West Bromwich Mortgage Company. As a solicitor who has been in… Read more

Hazel de Kloe - Why Propery Works

Introducing Hazel de Kloe


Hazel de Kloe is our latest sponsor at Property118 and will soon be launching her first book and a series of webinars, both of which I am very much looking forward too. Hazel is also very good on camera as you will see from the video below – in my opinion she’s far better than… Read more

LIBOR Scandal Compensation for Property Investors

LIBOR Scandal Claims for Property Investors


Anyone who holds any form of mortgage or loan should examine their portfolio now to see if the interest payable to the lender/financier is linked in any way to a LIBOR rate of interest. WHY? A case in the Court of Appeal last month has given a chance to those holding such products to challenge… Read more

Daniel Fallows - claims advice on mis-sold Interest Rate Swaps and other Interest rate Hedging Products IRHP's

Interest Rate Swap Claims – Ask Me Anything


Have you have been sold Interest Rate Swap Agreement “IRSA” or other forms of Interest Rate Hedging Products “IRHP’s” by your bank? If you have lost out or continue to lose out financially you may well be in a position to to make a “no-win no-fee” claim for compensation. My name is Daniel Fallows, I’m… Read more

DSS Tenants - This video says it all

DSS Tenants – does this video say it all?


I am a landlord specialising in renting to DSS Tenants – ask me anything Update You may remember the video’s I shared with you back in June and November? Well this is what the place I video’d in November looks like now, just three weeks later … My original video’s from June and November are… Read more

Mark Crampton-Smith - Letting Agent in Oxford

Letting Agent in Oxford – Ask Me Anything


My name is Mark Crampton-Smith, I am a letting agent in Oxford – “ask me anything” I am a member of ARLA, SAFEagent and The Property Ombudsman redress scheme. I am also a landlord. I am responsible for letting and managing nearly 400 units, of which 170 are HMO’s Please feel free to ask me… Read more

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