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It's usually far more effective to learn from other people experiences than is it to learn from your own mistakes. "Readers Questions" are some of the best read articles on If you would like to seek the opinions of other landlords and letting agents why not submit a Readers Questions article of your own. We will not reveal your identity if you don't want us to. Any guidance offered by Property118 members is obviously done so in good faith and at no cost. It must not be construed as professional advice, even if the person offering the guidance is professionally qualified. It's good to know that you are not alone though and a bit of guidance can often be useful. No question is a silly question. If a question has been answered before we will let you know and point you to a link. We may ask you to post your question on another thread if it's been well commented on previously by people in similar situations or we may set up a brand new thread and bring it to our readers attention by including a link in our Newsletter. It needn't cost you a penny either :) Please see the form below. If you can't see the form please CLICK HERE

Does buying BTL through a limited company make more sense for me

Does buying BTL through a limited company make more sense for me?


For my main job (nothing to do with property) I work through my own limited company, taking around £8k in wages per year and £30k in dividends. This is just enough to keep me out of the higher tax bracket. Over a few years this has left me with enough money sitting in my company’s… Read more

Prescribed information on Tenant Renewal

I have a tenant that stays in a room on a separate AST. Their contract comes to an end on 31st January 2015 and a signed contract for 1st Feb 2015 to 31st July 2015 was signed on 8th December 2014.  My question is when do I have to reissue the prescribed information to the… Read more

Cutting out the middle man (Letting property without estate agents)

Cutting out the middle man (Letting property without estate agents)


I am a Landlord with a small portfolio of properties in London (mostly within Zone 2). I am using the services of various estate agents but after experiencing everything from bad tenants to having to do everything myself (despite signing up for a “management service”) – to put it bluntly, I feel ripped off, and… Read more


How to sell Freehold for late brothers estate?


MY deceased brother’s estate has a Grade 2 listed property converted into 4 separate flats all mortgaged. There are no shared parts except the garden  and all flats have separate entries. We wish to start selling off the flats, but the only information we have is that the flat freehold was in my brothers building… Read more


Are late payment fees for rolling/expired tenancy still chargable?


Are late payment charges as stated within an AST still applicable once an AST has expired and the tenant is still in situ and not paying rent/paying late..? Probably not worth seeking formal legal advise for such a small amount that I’m concerned with so I’d thought I’d see if anyone here had any pointers….. Read more


Help needed – I paid 6 months rent in advance

I’m feeling a bit desperate. I separated from my husband in December 2014. Due to the nature of our break up, I decided that I’d had enough and moved myself and my children to another county. It’s was perfect until last week, my mother had a massive stroke and is seriously ill. My nightmare now… Read more


How to ask agent to remove unfair rent review clause from 1year AST before signing

I’ve just been sent a 1 year Assured Short hold Tenancy to review before we sign and move in 2 days. It has a 6 month rent review clause that I think is unfair and not just because its every 6 months. What is the best way to ask the agent to remove it? They… Read more


Transferring Property from a Company and tax issues?

We are looking at mortgaging an investment property we bought towards the end of last year via our Limited Company. However, as most will be aware, there are few mortgage deals available for Limited Companies, and attract large fees and high interest rates – more so as this is our first BTL. Previously, we loaned… Read more

Tenant is billing me for refurb work he claims he's done

Tenant is billing me for refurb work he claims he’s done!


I am evicting a tenant with a section 8 in ten days time.  The tenant has just issued me with repair bills which he claims to have done during his contract. No notification has been give as to any works being required. The works include replacing all taps, lifting and refitting carpets due to noisy… Read more

Neighbour will do work whether we like it or not

Neighbour will do work whether we like it or not!

There are builders currently working next door to one of our rental houses. They say they are converting a 4-bed into a 7-bed house, including a loft conversion and a ground floor extension. The agent is liaising on the landlord’s behalf.  The agent has said they are doing the side extension – we don’t yet… Read more

How to evict a tenant in prison

How to evict a tenant in prison?

My tenant was arrested ( I was told by his employer) and now he is in prison. However, I am not able to get any info about where he is held and for what crime he was arrested.   He isn’t British but has a permanent visa for staying in UK. I do not have any… Read more

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