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It's usually far more effective to learn from other people experiences than is it to learn from your own mistakes. "Readers Questions" are some of the best read articles on If you would like to seek the opinions of other landlords and letting agents why not submit a Readers Questions article of your own. We will not reveal your identity if you don't want us to. Any guidance offered by Property118 members is obviously done so in good faith and at no cost. It must not be construed as professional advice, even if the person offering the guidance is professionally qualified. It's good to know that you are not alone though and a bit of guidance can often be useful. No question is a silly question. If a question has been answered before we will let you know and point you to a link. We may ask you to post your question on another thread if it's been well commented on previously by people in similar situations or we may set up a brand new thread and bring it to our readers attention by including a link in our Newsletter. It needn't cost you a penny either :) Please see the form below. If you can't see the form please CLICK HERE

Letting agents behaviour

Letting agents behaviour!


I am currently letting a 3 bed property to 2 reliable tenants. I wanted to cancel my contract with the letting agent as I recently relocated back to UK after being away for 12 years. They tell me due to the tenants having been found from their agency, I cannot cancel the contract until after… Read more

Living back with my mother...

Living back with my mother…

I’m thinking of entertaining the idea of getting my first BTL.  I’m mortgage free at my present home so by moving in with mother and renting my property this would give me a small income of around £450 / £475 a month. I want to get a 3 bedroom property and rent 2 of rooms… Read more

Planning Appeal - Parking

Planning Appeal – Parking

I have submitted a Planning Application to turn the basement of a 3 storey house into a self-contained flat.  Many others in the street have done so without any provision for extra Parking. The application has been approved subject to a condition under Policy AW5 that I create a hard-standing parking provision in the rear… Read more

WB_Stacked_PMS 267_376

West Brom Building Society up to it’s old tricks again!

Has anyone else heard about a group of small companies that are preparing a legal battle against West Brom for wrongly raising interest rates in the aftermath of the credit crunch? It would appear they cited “a market disruption clause” as the reason to lift rates that should have tracked the LIBOR rate. Their solicitors… Read more

Am I being taken for a fool

Am I being taken for a fool?


I have 4 properties in my portfolio and I just try and to a good landlord and hope that my work reaps dividends later.  I should have completed a re-mortgage yesterday (Friday) on a refurbished property that is now let. Actually I have completed the re-mortgage, I just haven’t received my money from my solicitor…. Read more

Letting Agent goes bust

Letting Agent goes bust

Within the last 2 weeks another Letting Agent operating for approx 7 years has gone into receivership. Tenant deposits had not been protected, some landlords had not been paid for at least 7 months and apparently all the money has disappeared!!  They must have ‘managed’ over 200 properties, a fair amount of bond money and… Read more

What To Do With A Terrible Letting Agent Who Laughs In Your Face

What To Do With A Terrible Letting Agent Who Laughs In Your Face


I am a landlord of over 10 years now and I have to say I’m very rarely shocked, but I feel that this particular letting agent has over stepped the mark of what is acceptable behaviour and should be punished.  The only problem is – I don’t know how to go about it and would… Read more

Remortgaging a property after adding an extension

Remortgaging a property after adding an extension

I am looking to remortgage a BTL property for the first time, which has been renovated. The outbuilding was converted to a sunroom/lounge and have added a shower/WC which is under the permitted development specs.  The house has 5 beds but only 2 floors, apparently some lenders specify that if there are 5 occupants it… Read more

Where to find a BTL investor

Where to find a BTL investor?

I am new to the forum and I may even be in the wrong place, but someone out there may be able to advise me or even help me find what I am looking for.  My wife and I are English professionals living in France. We own our house outright. Due to a change in… Read more

Severence fees with Haart, Norwich

Severance fees with Haart, Norwich

We are new to this forum but were recommended by a work colleague following our difficulties with Haart’s full management service.  Not to go into the whole long and laborious story but we have been using the full management service for the past year and are now coming to the end of the contract. The… Read more

Best type of property to buy for a HMO

Best type of property to buy for a HMO?

I am looking to invest into the rental market and have been considering HMO’s. I was looking at a large 8 room 3 storey property, but to comply with the building regulations, fire escapes and licencing just seems far too complicated and expensive so I have decided to go for a smaller property.  Question is,… Read more

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