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It's usually far more effective to learn from other people experiences than is it to learn from your own mistakes. "Readers Questions" are some of the best read articles on If you would like to seek the opinions of other landlords and letting agents why not submit a Readers Questions article of your own. We will not reveal your identity if you don't want us to. Any guidance offered by Property118 members is obviously done so in good faith and at no cost. It must not be construed as professional advice, even if the person offering the guidance is professionally qualified. It's good to know that you are not alone though and a bit of guidance can often be useful. No question is a silly question. If a question has been answered before we will let you know and point you to a link. We may ask you to post your question on another thread if it's been well commented on previously by people in similar situations or we may set up a brand new thread and bring it to our readers attention by including a link in our Newsletter. It needn't cost you a penny either :) Please see the form below. If you can't see the form please CLICK HERE

Violent behaviour of a tenant towards a family member

Violent behaviour of a tenant towards a family member


I have joint tenants in a property and one has violently assaulted a family member and friend as well as her husband within the property.  The police were called and she was told to leave the property and can return to collect her personal items but only when the husband is not in the property…. Read more

Agent didn't file a part deposit with deposit scheme within 30 days

Agent didn’t file a part deposit with deposit scheme within 30 days

This is my situation:  31st October – tenancy commenced with tenant paying £900 for first month’s rent and £446 as part payment towards the deposit required of £1,246 17th November – £800 balance of deposit received by the agent 8th December – full balance of £1,246 protected with DPS. I received an email from agent… Read more

Should I sell up or buy more

Should I sell up or buy more?

I have a number of BTL flats – all fully occupied.  I bought them some time ago at around £20k then remortgaged at a later date with mortgages around £70k to fund a family home. We can hardly complain – capital growth paid for the family home – with the mortgage on the flats being… Read more

Is section 21 valid

Is section 21 valid?

Please advise since all legal bods are closed over weekend!  I have had a lovely tenant for 4 years, she’s a single mum, 3 kids and all housing benefit has been paid to me, no problems. Unfortunately her boyfriend has moved in without my permission. The housing benefit has halved and a top up needs… Read more

Residential mortgage with internal door locks

Residential mortgage with internal door locks


We think this might be a unique problem and want some advise please.   We went to view a house which was a Care Home 18 months ago. The Care Home has moved but the property is still owned by the Care charity. We really liked the house, made an offer and the offer has been… Read more

Helping Good Lead Tenant by Evicting Bad Tenant

Helping Good Lead Tenant by Evicting Bad Tenant

How do I support a very good Lead Tenant who wants bad Tenant 2 and her abusive partner (not a tenant) out of my property? We are talking about a large 2 bed high-end apartment, 6 month AST started September 2014, with Good Guy named as Lead Tenant. Lead Tenant’s father is Guarantor (tenant is… Read more

Establising Loft Space Ownership

Establishing Loft Space Ownership

I bought 3 bedroom leasehold flat 6 years ago which included the loft space.  Three years ago, 4 leaseholders collectively bought the freehold of which I purchased a third of the freehold. Recently, one of the leaseholder who owns a share of freehold has indicated the loft space which I have owned for many years… Read more

Relocation company requesting signed AST

Relocation company requesting signed AST


A Canadian relocation company has contacted me and want to rent one of my properties. They have asked for a signed AST before forwarding any payment.  I am a bit wary as I never usually sign anything until I have the cash in the bank. I’ve never dealt with relocation companies before. Can anyone give… Read more

Start of tenancy, few questions

Start of tenancy, few questions

I am a landlord and just signed tenancy agreement (with online agent and their AST).  Tenants too have signed the agreement, but they said would be depositing rent + deposit on the start day of tenancy. What happens if tenants don’t deposit on time let’s say 5pm on that day? Do I have an option… Read more

Can I claim money from my landlady

Can I claim money from my landlady?

My landlady left me without heating from the 23rd October to the 27th Nov. Granted she did have a man come out to look and it didn’t work.  My question is can I claim compensation from her toward my electric bill? For 46 days I had no heating or hot water! We are a family… Read more

Tenants have no hot water or heating

Tenants have no hot water or heating – their fault, my problem!


I have tenants who would not allow access for replacing a back boiler with new combi boiler and extra radiators.  Guess what …………. now the boiler is not working and they have no heating/hot water and the engineer cannot fit a new system until March due to work load. If this cannot be repaired and a… Read more

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