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kidd 2

BTL in Kidderminster with min 7% contracted annual return


This allocation is being sold off-market and direct from the developer. It is in a great central location and a rare opportunity to buy direct from a proven developer in a completed project. KEY HIGHLIGHTS Purchase direct from a leading developer. Studio apartments from just £69,950. 1 bed apartments from just £89,950. 2 bed apartments… Read more

Northgate 1

Northgate Point – one of the newest developments available in Chester


In prime position for students, Northgate Point will provide a convenient and safe environment for all students. The development is positioned just 200m from the City Centre, 400m from Northgate Leisure Centre, and 700m from Main Campus. There are only 30 handpicked units available for investors that have pre-registered. To enquire about Northgate Point please… Read more

cut leighton hall

Leighton Hall was voted Best value for money 13/14 by UCLAN students union

Recently come to market Leighton Hall is an already built student accommodation. Running for over 10 years it has a proven track record of 99.3% occupancy. Now on the market are a few exceptional units with an assured 7% yield for 5 years! Starting at just £41,640 and managed by the UK’s number 1 student… Read more

Legionnaires Disease

Legionnaires Disease – Landlords responsibilities


Some of these are set out in HSE publications but there is also a lot of other information that clouds the issues. Does a landlord have to carry out a Risk Assessment, does this have to be in writing – the HSE guidance is equivocal. There are legal duties placed on Landlords by the Health… Read more

LettingSupermarket sign 2

Immigrant Checks – Outsourcing Responsibilities


I used to own a group of Care Homes and this issue has lived with us for years. The real responsibility comes when you accept a tenant and they move into the property. At, we outsource all of our references through an ultimate nationwide scheme which ensures that measures are undertaken to stop a… Read more – check out the campaign website


A brand new website has been launched with the intention of showing just how detrimental the Chancellor’s proposed tax changes will be to many people, as well as landlords. Two Peterborough based property investors were appalled by the badly thought through proposals announced by George Osborne in his summer budget and have compiled a website explaining… Read more




Before we present a very simple solution to the Immigration Checks issue it is important that you truly understand the problem, and why so many landlords have are so stressed about it. Tenant immigration checks for landlords has been all over the news this last week and become a hot political topic for the government to… Read more

Why you need to contact your MP

Why you need to contact your MP


As part of our campaign to reverse the Government’s Budget proposals restricting finance cost relief for individual landlords we are aiming to lobby all MPs in the UK – and as many times as possible.  We are asking that everyone who is against this proposal firstly signs this petition: Secondly, and as importantly, we are asking that… Read more

Greg Clark

Landlords will be able to end tenancy without a court order under new plans to tackle illegal immigration

Under “Right to Rent” proposals in the upcoming Immigration Bill the Home Office would issue a notice when an asylum application fails that confirms the tenant no longer has the right to rent property. This will then give landlords the ability to end the tenancy without a court order in some circumstances. Financial support for… Read more

Please send this letter to the Chief Executive of your local Council

Landlord Tax Levy Campaign


Would you be prepared to invest just 15 minutes a day to campaign against the Budget proposals to restrict finance cost relief for private landlords? If so please complete the form at the bottom of this article. Every day we will send you one email with new campaign ideas, for example:- 1) Letter templates (first example below)… Read more

Precise mortgages

Buy to Let second charge loans with Precise Mortgages


For many Buy to Let borrowers raising finance by way of a second charge loan can be far better than leaving an existing very low reversion rate and re-entering the cycle of remortgaging every few years with an incrementally higher rate at the end of each mortgage product term. Precise Mortgages have launched a new… Read more

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